Off grid Solar Storage Solutions

Pure drive Energy are leading providers of off grid solar solutions for houses and buildings with no mains electricity supply. Properties would either have to make do without electricity, or generate their own. A renewable electricity generation system using solar power to generate power and a battery system to store the energy is the answer.
In most cases an off grid solar system can be cheaper than getting a mains connection, and is much cheaper and quieter than running a costly diesel generator.

Reducing Power Use

Reducing your electricity use is a vital first step to planning your system. This is important for all types of renewables systems. Creating a lean running system is key to the overall running of your power system.

Lithium Batteries

Puredrive Energy have great market knowledge of the leading  lithium LiFePo4 battery products available for your off grid system.
The battery bank is the heart of your system and this will need to have sufficient cycle life to give your system a respectable life span.
With proper consideration and system design, a battery bank may last five years or more, and can be tailored to your requirements. Batteries flooded with liquid acid in them require care and maintenance, as they give off hydrogen gas when charging, and they may lose water over time, which will need replacing. More expensive AGM batteries (Absorbent Glass Matt) contain no fluid liquid, its absorbed and suspended around the plates, and are maintenance free. Lithium LiFePo4 batteries are the latest advances in battery technology and work in a very different way with most batteries needing to be controlled by an internal or external battery management system.

Power Inverter System

Electricity from the batteries can be used directly to run low-voltage (DC) lighting and perhaps other direct-current (DC) appliances. However, most systems include an inverter to produce mains voltage alternating current (AC), which can be used to run standard appliances.
Pure drive Energy have many power inverter options for every sized off grid system, these can include online monitoring and visual displays to control the system.

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