Solar Power And Battery Storage
​Can We Really Power Everything From the Sun?

Solar Power and Battery Storage Is now advanced enough to power any size home, Really YES! And We should!

Grid produced energy is old fashioned, harmful to the planet and less than 30% efficient - Would you drive a steam train to work? with the technology these days why are we still burning fossil fuels in power stations?

Now has there never been a better time to purchase! As the cost of Battery Storage Systems are at the lowest price ever.

Battery Storage is not a new technology! its been around for years! Boats have always had onboard batteries for powering lights, Showers, Pumps and navigation equipment.

So why is it now so popular for homes to have a battery?

With the advances in Solar panels it is now possible to generate enough power to supply the load for a home with ease, with the excess being returned to the grid for others to use. 

A battery system installed with a solar PV system is a great solution to capture the excess energy produced by your PV system and store it for later use in your home when the sun has gone down.

A good quality solar power battery storage system acts like a sponge. When the solar power is high and the load is low the system powers the house with the solar power and stores the rest in the battery. When the load is higher than the solar power it will take the extra power needed to power the house from the battery. and if the battery is empty and the solar is low the system will use the grid as a last resort! This is all done seamlessly 

Many manufactuers but whats the difference?

The main type of system is an AC connected system that works alongside your PV system and monitors the PV and Grid. 

Each system will have some sort of Inverter charger inside and its a good idea not to buy the cheapest possible! - as this component is what turns your battery energy into 240v to be used in your home and needs to be of a good quality.

Cheap brands do not have the quality and safety approvals and some are being recalled in other countries check the internet or ask us for advice. 

The other main component is the battery - Lithium is mostly used as this is at a record low price but there are indications that this will start to rise as demand rises - Lithium is a limited resource hard to mine and manufacture and expensive to transport. So do not be fooled into thinking it will keep falling it won't!

There are different types of lithium! So when you see the cheapest its made with the cheapest cells, usually cylindrical low rated 1-2amps and lots of them to spread the load! There are also Prasmatic and Pouch technology 300amp High rate as used In the Puredrive Energy System which uses the highest rated cells to give the very best quality and longevity of the product.

Then there are the Lithium NCM cells which are used by the car manufactuers these have a higher density of energy but are more unstable of punchured or damaged - some of the car manufacturers are now pulling out of the home battery storage market as there products are not reliable enough.

The costs involved, are usually mis understood?

Firstly there are many dishonest install company buying the cheapest kit available from online auction sites and selling this to trusting customers at usually a huge mark up and then installing them badly!  

When it comes to batteries cheaper is not ever the most cost effective and that is fact from many years in the battery industry! 

Lots of people look at the cost of payback which is understandable, everyone watches the penny's So let me show you how to understand and break costs down.

Lets say the Puredrive Energy 4.8kwh system is £4500 installed and it has 6000 cycles then this system has roughly 28,000 kwh's so this works out at 0.16p for every Khw of energy you take out of the battery.  

So If your system powers your house for the next 16-20 years its a great thing to be able to fix your energy price at 16p.

Energy Is going up year after year, and as grid supplied energy reduces and fossel fuels are harder mine the price will always go up! Just remember Coal and Oil will run out! and the more we burn the more we damage the planet...

Let me also say the if you invest between £7,000 and £10,000 on kiting you home out with solar panels and a solar power battery storage system this is an investment and will add value to your property.

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Puredrive Energy Leaders in Solar Power Battery Storage

  • Industry leading performance
  • Increase your independence from the grid.
  • Provides battery back-up in case of power cuts to your critical loads
  • Simple Installation
  • Inside and outside installation options
  • Remote monitoring on your smart phone and tablet devices.
  • 10 year warranty.

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