Puredrive Energy Ltd External Battery Enclosure

Residential battery

Increase self consumption from 30% up to 85%

Increase grid independence

Protect from rising energy bills

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Puredrive Energy Commercial Battery System Image

Commercial battery

Store excess solar energy

Secure your energy costs

Take your business into the future

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Puredrive Energy Grid Scale Megawatt Container

Grid scale battery

Store renewable energy or low cost grid energy

Move towards a greener planet

Use your energy in aggregation applications

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Puredrive Energy Remote Monitoring Image

Smart remote

Monitor from any device

See your usage live

Simple to understand display

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Welcome to Puredrive Energy Ltd

We have been working hard on solutions to reduce the need for using grid energy which is generated by burning fossil fuels.  Design and development of these battery systems for solar panels has been our passion here at Puredrive Energy.

Solar panels convert energy from the sunlight which is a natural source of energy (that is not going to run out anytime soon).  Solar panels have been around for a number of years now but they only produce energy whilst the sun is shining.

We have engineered a solution to store excess solar power during the day in a battery system. This means that at night when the solar panels are not generating energy that you can use the stored energy from earlier in the day.  This increases your green energy usage to over 85% which in turn is helping the planet become more sustainable.

We have designed and developed 3 simple innovative solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Puredrive Energy has an industry leading solution

– Simple installations
– Provides battery back-up in case of power cuts to your critical home circuits
– Powerful battery system and inverter/charger
– SMART technology
– Remote monitoring on your smartphone and tablet devices
– 10 year warranty

External Home battery storage image


Pure Storage stores excess PV energy during the day using a 4.8Kwh LiFePo4 solar battery.  This allows you to increase your utilisation of generated power from 30% to over 85% powering your home from the battery during the evening and through the night until the sun rises.  Reducing the need to import energy from the grid.

Puredrive Energy Commercial Battery Install


The Commercial Solar Battery Storage is built around Puredrive Energy’s tried and tested Lithium battery technology.  It has been designed to suit commercial environments both inside and out. Connecting directly onto a business’s internal electrical wiring distribution system and any size solar PV system.

Why choose us?

British Company

Puredrive Energy Ltd is a British Company that designs, develops, builds and distributes its own products to a broad spectrum of clients both in the UK and abroad.  With UK assembly its products are ideally placed to exploit its clearly established supply chain to maximum effect.  Making delivery and distribution, in volume, to its UK market place speedy and simple

10+ years of battery development experience

As part of the Puredrive family of companies, Puredrive Energy can call upon over ten years of experience in the development, deployment and placement of battery technologies.  With extensive experience in lead acid batteries through to the latest Lithium Ion batteries, Puredrive Energy is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems

Future proof your energy requirements

With predictions of energy costs rising by 37% in the next three years the Pure Storage System will allow you to keep the need to buy energy at a minimum

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