Take Control With Home Energy Storage You Can Rely On

PureStorage II Battery

Modular Capacity Range 5KWh to 25KWh

Best Battery
As compared on comparison sites including Solar Guide.

Future Proofed
With the longest battery life and fastest charge rates you are future proofed to maximise your ROI. Modular and simple to
increase battery storage as your needs change.

Designed and Developed in the UK
Puredrive has a dedicated team in the UK with nearly 100 staff, providing leading R&D, technical and customer support.

Hassle Free Automated Cost Savings
The PURASystemTM is managed by our smart APP which automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.

Technology You Can Trust and Enjoy
Designed for elegance and performance by our in-house R&D team. Providing you with the highest value possible.

Choice, Flexibility and Freedom
Install inside or outside your home and easily expand capacity when you choose, to gain more energy independence.


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‘All-in-One’ PureStorage II

Capacity Range 5KWh or 10KWh

Award Winning Battery System
Most innovative product category. Everything you need for a smart, long life battery system in one beautiful enclosure.

Designed and Made in the UK
We are proud to be ISO 9001 certified. Our strong Manufacturing and R&D team combines to provide you with the highest quality and the most innovative battery systems.

Everything You Need in One Enclosure
Includes battery, inverter charger and gateway for connectivity to your PURASystemTM. Simple and elegant.

Inspired and Built by Local UK Talent.
Employing UK talent, we create opportunities for young people to develop and thrive.

Hassle Free Automated Cost Savings

All Your Renewable Home Products on One Simple APP

Problem Free Seamless Integration
Avoid those nightmare compatibility problems between home battery and EV charging that we have all read about. Our fully smart APP automatically manages all of your renewable home products for optimal performance.

Optimise Your Energy Bill Savings
Manually set charges and human error are a thing of the past. The APP’s algorithm incorporates next-day weather, and your daily consumption profiles with the best grid pricing. This guarantees you maximum savings and therefore fastest return on investment.

User-Friendly APP
Use the APP dashboard or ask Alexa to give you a battery summary and it will tell you where you have used your energy and how much storage you still have left.

Capture and store free or
lowest-cost energy

Power your home using the cleanest,
lowest-cost energy

Save money as you maximise
your energy cost savings

“Drawing on my exprerience with the UK Govt, designing power station storage, I have determined to bring highest performing energy storage systems to the domestic market. Learn why this is important now by joining me in my next weekly webinar”

“Mark Millar Founder & CEO – Official UK Expert in Battery Storage Technologies”


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