Charging the Future. Watt’s Next.

Mark Millar, CEO of Puredrive, is on a mission to help people disconnect from what he sees as an outdated energy network we inherited in 1886, from Nikola Tesla’s AC-based power distribution. Mark’s aim is to charge peoples thoughts to a more sustainable future by using renewable energy and tackle the hefty energy bill costs.

“Our Battery technology and software make the whole system
run seamlessly. Maximising renewable energy consumption from 30% up up to 85%, SAVING YOU time and money.”

Mark Millar CEO of Puredrive Energy LTD

An Independent Energy System

Mark’s vision sees the grid as a back-up service provider, however it is possible to power a house with entirely home generated renewable energy, giving YOU continuous power with seamless energy capacity, with a high charging and discharging rate.

As well as this, self powered houses and cars are drawing closer to the future, as long as people can understand the simple fact that using renewable energy is better for their future, planet and pocket!

“Several years ago I led a project to electrify tuk-tuks”, Mark tells us. “It became apparent that the vehicle, plus the driver and a load, could be powered with just one 5kWh battery per day. This is very different from the 90kWh battery currently used in some cars, that can be charged in the evening for use the next day.”

Mark Millar CEO of Puredrive Energy LTD