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Batteries are no longer just for phones, toys, and remote controls. Today they are being used in place of petrol and diesel to power EVs and electricity in your home!

Solar has been one of the most abundant and renewable sources of energy available, but its intermittent nature has been a major obstacle to widespread use. In addition to the challenge of generating energy at times when the sun isn’t shining, only around 30% of the energy that is generated by solar panels is used in the home they are installed on. The rest, a significant majority is exported to the grid.

Battery technology has quickly developed from the rechargeable lead-acid units developed in 1859. Now a higher, reliable capacity of energy such as lithium-based solutions is exactly what Mark is using! These are now being used in PUREDRIVE’s batteries, to capture excess energy generated from domestic solar panels, as well as saving YOU stress from the wasted energy and high costs.

Home battery systems are becoming an increasingly popular way to solve the problem of wasted energy that solar panels generate. The battery stores excess energy from your solar that has already been installed or can be used standing alone. This doubles bill savings dramatically. A pretty SMART battery if you ask me!

EVs are also more efficient; their batteries capacity of energy is starting to improve, meaning that you can travel further on a ‘full tank’. As battery technology continues to improve, EVs will only become more reliable and affordable and have a greater range than Petrol cars.

This is the news I think we are all want to hear!.

All of Puredrive’s products are fully integrated with your very own app where the technology works seamlessly to target the greenest and lowest energy cost options.

The Puredrive App has mulitople modes for smart green charging such as, Pure Green (charging purely from solar) and Smart Mode (only charging the EV when energy is cheap).

Thanks to the advances in technology like those offered by PUREDRIVE’s ecosystem; which they have now called PURESYSTEM, it has never been easier to increase your energy capacity and reduce total energy costs.

This really is the future to save a significant amount of money while helping to save the planet for future generations!

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