Owning a Puredrive Home Battery System is about to get a whole lot more affordable

The UK Government has made a significant move towards sustainable energy by reducing the VAT on Home Battery Storage Systems to 0% starting from 1st February 2024. This policy change is expected to have a transformative effect on the energy sector, providing a considerable financial advantage for both battery-only energy storage systems and those integrated with existing solar PV systems.

The introduction of this policy will make Home Energy Storage Systems, much more affordable. By reducing the cost of acquiring these systems, it will make them a more attractive investment for consumers. This, in turn, is likely to lead to increased consumer engagement and accessibility to green energy generation, storage, and management.

The elimination of VAT on Home Energy Storage Systems is particularly beneficial for users of solar PV systems. With the affordability of energy storage systems improved, homeowners and businesses will be able to efficiently store and manage the energy generated from their solar panels.

Overall, this policy change marks a significant step towards a more sustainable energy future in the UK, and the great news for the consumer is that they will achieve return on investment 20% faster than before.

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